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After much reflection and contemplation, Wanzek decided to channel his success in business toward passion pursuits. Establishing the Wanzek Family Foundation in 2009, he became what he calls a ‘quiet philanthropist’ in the community, investing in projects that have always been near and dear to his heart. First and foremost, Wanzek, along with his family foundation have devoted a good share of their giving power to Fargo’s Cathedral of St. Mary, including the adjoining Wanzek Parish Office Building. Working to create lasting positive change, through institutions like The Boy Scouts, The Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting was set in motion in 2011. Shortly before the grand opening in 2016, an additional gift from Wanzek’s foundation helped erect the sign, and iconic lookout tower. Wanzek’s love for the Boy Scout’s organization also led him to contribute toward the restoration of the Trading Post and Scout History Center at Camp Wilderness. Wanzek also supports several other organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, Dakota Medical Foundation, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, YMCA, Theodore Roosevelt Foundation, and Mayo Clinic, just to name a few.

The discovery of a lifetime

Valley of Bones

The discovery of a lifetime takes an ex-convict paleontologist (Autumn Reeser)  to the harsh tundra of The Badlands, in an attempt to unearth a Tyrannosaurus fossil before the dig site is destroyed by the Midwestern oil boom.

Another world- a lawless time


Another world- a lawless time where magic is believed to exist by an idealistic few. Emryk, a bereaved man, seeks the blood of two merchants who desecrate his lover’s grave. During the pursuit, he encounters an ascetic “Holy Man” and learns of a magic that could bring back the dead. Denied revenge, Emryk is left with only the possibility of the transcendent.

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